Our Fabrics

Our Fabrics
Along with using Dead Stock fabric we predominantly work with a social & environmentally focused fabric manufacturer who create our RPET (100% Recycled Polyester) fabrics, along with a family owned business in India that create our Organic Cotton Fabrics for our collections.
Organic Cotton
Our Organic Cotton is made in a Certified Mill. Loveling made in a small family owned Mill in Kerela India. 
Our Wool
Our 100% Wool fabric is all Milled and Dyed right here in New Zealand using local Sheep's wool.
Dead Stock
In the fashion/textiles world, Dead Stock is becoming a big problem as fast fashion dictates what we as designers use which means unused fabric builds up each time a new collection is commissioned. In many cases, dead stock fabric ends up in a landfill, as the costs of repurposing or recycling the fabric outweigh those of disposing it.
Recycled Polyester
The Plastic Bottles are collected and processed in a Recycling plant located in Haiti and Honduras. They are then sent to the USA to be woven into the fabrics used to make our garments. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles Certified B Corp company. They have are a socially and environmentally focused, who are on a mission to end poverty by creating dignified jobs and responsible, high-quality fabrics.

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